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Director of Photography and film crew for a small family sci-fi at 10th Legion Pictures

Looking for a DP with crew and equipment for a family sci-fi 2 day shoot this fall in Stella NC.

Creative Specialist at Aerial Canvas

, California full-time

JOB TITLE: Creative Specialist DEPARTMENT: Creative Specialists REPORTS TO: Manager, Creative Specialists To apply, please submit your resume, references, and cover letter as


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Imagine a world where qualified filmmakers are accessible at your fingertips. A magical place where you can share as many jobs as you want and never have to pay a cent. A wonderland where you can verify talent by viewing their projects, credits, location, equipment, and general information, all in one place.
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How To Write an Effective Protagonist

Photo by Obi Onyeador from Unsplash Before you worry about camera angles or location permits, you need a strong script. And the core of that screenplay is your main character – AKA your protagonist. But what makes a good protagonist? “Make your main character more likable” is a simplistic note we often hear. It’s easy

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young woman at computer

Are Film and TV Internships for 2021 In Person?

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels Disneyland and Alamo Drafthouse are reopening. Film and TV productions are ramping up around the country. More and more Americans are vaccinated against covid-19, signaling an end to the pandemic (or a beginning of the end, at least). But many larger companies are still entirely remote, with no concrete plans

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Steven Yeun

Oscar-Nominated Filmmakers Say Don’t Do THIS

The 2021 Oscars are almost here! One of the best things about Oscar season is that we’re treated to Oscar nominee interviews with all the best actors, writers, directors and other film industry professionals. Watching or reading these interviews is a great way to find inspiration and advice for your own filmmaking project. It’s such

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“FilmUp is not just another platform or network for Filmmakers. This is very much a game changing labour of love driven by professionals and visionaries with a passion for film and a dedication to philanthropy. The platform is made for everyone who plays a role in the industry. You can really see the care and attention to detail infused in the slick and simple interface. It had me at Hello. And the beautiful part is; they are hungry for your input and feedback. This is just the beginning. Mark my words, this platform will alter the 16:9 landscape and become a hub, a hive, and indeed, a place, where filmmakers go.”

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