Apple Silicon M1: Exciting New Machines for Filmmaking

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

The Apple Silicon line of computers is finally here!

Apple has announced its lineup of new Apple Silicon powered computers, which run on the new M1 chip. This is great news for filmmakers who want to use Apple machines.

There is not currently an Apple Silicon 16″ MacBook Pro – Apple is testing its new technology on smaller screens first.

In other words, you’ll be able to get a MacBook Air, 13″ MacBook Pro or Mac Mini that run on the M1 chip.

Now, most Apple-loving filmmakers use 16″ MacBook Pro or Mac Pro. But the 16″ MacBook Pro starts at $2399 – not exactly affordable for filmmakers on a budget. And the Mac Pro will run you nearly $6k!

The Air, 13″ MacBook Pro and Mac Mini are much more affordable. And now with Apple Silicon, they might be options for filmmaking and editing.

M1 Mac Mini Specs

The new Apple Silicon computers will let you move seamlessly between mobile devices, laptops and desktops – which can make your filmmaking process easier.

They also have more horsepower to handle editing. And the Mac Mini has a T3 port, so you can always plug in an eGPU for more power.

 The new Mini also has six times the graphics horsepower of the previous version. It also has USB-C/T3, USB-A and Ethernet ports for maximum versatility.

It’s also just $699 – did someone say holiday gift?

13″ MacBook Pro M1 Specs

We’re also excited about the new Apple Silicon-based 13″ Macbook Pro.

The update includes a studio quality microphone (it’s the same one as what’s currently in the 16″ MacBook Pro). The 13″ Macbook also has improved video quality in its camera – great for those long Zoom sessions with your crew.

Even better, the 13″ Macbook will run faster with improved internal SSDs. With twice the speed, you’ll be able to switch between apps and open up internally stored media with ease. It boasts 2.8x CPU performance and up to 5x the graphics speed of previous models.

You’ll also get Apple’s most advanced neural engine for 11x faster machine learning, plus 20 hours of battery life.

Finally, the MacBook Air is also available with the new M1 chip.

This might not seem like a filmmaker’s machine – but it’s worth noting that it has 18 hours of battery life!

Will you be checking out the new M1 series of Apple Silicon computers?