Are Film and TV Internships for 2021 In Person?

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Disneyland and Alamo Drafthouse are reopening. Film and TV productions are ramping up around the country. More and more Americans are vaccinated against covid-19, signaling an end to the pandemic (or a beginning of the end, at least).

But many larger companies are still entirely remote, with no concrete plans to get back into crowded office towers.

This has made it harder than ever for college students to network and find TV and film industry internships. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get one!

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Remote internships in entertainment

Many studios, networks, production companies, talent agencies and other entertainment companies are offering internships for 2021. They just most likely will be virtual and not in person.

For example, Dreamworks TV is looking for a TV Development Intern for summer 2021.  Check out the internship posting:

Interns will shadow and be able to share their creative point of view on content with high-level executives on both sides of Development and Production, gaining exposure to areas including but not limited to reading scripts, reviewing designs, and attending work-in-progress episode screenings.

As part of the program, they will research books, writers, and artists, and will be involved in building pitch decks and working with the production teams to source assets for department presentations, as well as submit writers and pitches into the department’s databases.

The Intern will also have the opportunity to create a final presentation surrounding an approved theme they are passionate about and present it to executives at the end of their internship. This position will be exposed to the direct inner-workings of the television animation development and current process from beginning to end.

Dolby Laboratories is also looking for a Content Production Intern for summer 2021:

Dolby is looking for a detail-oriented, creative individual to join a team of AV producers to support with content creation, production, and post-production. This team is part of Dolby’s global marketing department and manages production on high profile, cross functional audio/ video content for the company.

Where to find remote and in-person film industry internships

To apply to TV and film internships for summer 2021, you should visit both job posting websites and official company websites. Here are a few job sites:




For official company websites, try the parent company what you’re looking for. A job or internship at Comedy Central would be listed on Viacom’s website, for example. Be open to different options, even if you’re not sure it’s a perfect fit for your future goals. Sometimes an internship will give you knowledge or skills you can apply to a different area; you might also discover you love a field or job you didn’t know much about in the beginning.

If you’re hoping to get in-person experience, consider applying to be a Production Assistant on a film or show in production, since productions are absolutely happening right now.  Not all productions have interns – but you’re likely qualified to be a PA (and can learn on the job).

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