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How to Master Twitter Film Promotion

Twitter film promotion can help you reach and expand your film’s audience – but how can you stand out among the millions of users? Here are our tips for getting the most out of Twitter and increasing your follower count.

Establish your presence before you release your film

Many filmmakers make the mistake of joining Twitter right when their film is released. Instead, join earlier so that you can begin to establish followers and relationships before you begin Twitter film promotion. Then, when your film is ready for public consumption, you’ll already have a base of people who want to support you.

If your film is already online and you haven’t joined Twitter yet, don’t worry – you can still use the following tips to build an audience over time.

Consider using your personal account

Some filmmakers like to tweet all promotion from their personal account, while others make a special account just for the film. Either can work, but be aware that people may not want to follow just a film because they know they’re basically just signing up for Twitter film promotion. Try to attract fans of YOU, not just fans of your film.

Also, after you’ve moved on from this project to another, will you still want to Tweet from the film’s account? If you use your personal account instead, you might have an easier time maintaining followers as you move from project to project.  

Tweet about more than just your film

Don’t think of Twitter as ONLY a way to market your film. Yes, you should post viewing links, screening info, trailers, clips and behind-the-scenes footage. But you can also let your followers get to know you as a director and as a person. What other kinds of things are you interested in? What other films are you watching and enjoying? What have you learned during the filmmaking process? You can also share videos and memes, which are shared more often than text-only content.

Follow and engage with film fans

Follow your friends, relatives, classmates, fellow aspiring filmmakers, people you admire in the film industry, and fans of film. Like and retweet their content to encourage them to follow you and interact with your content. Think of Twitter as a two-way conversation, not a one-way stream of Twitter film promotion. Follow your actors and crew members and encourage them to post on social media about your film as well. Tag their Twitter usernames with @ in your tweets.

Tweet often – and find the best times

You don’t need to spend all day tweeting and responding to people, but you should tweet often! One study found that 1-5 tweets per day is optimum. If this sounds overwhelming to you, you can schedule your tweets ahead of time with a program such as TweetDeck, ReQueue or CoSchedule. Aim for high-traffic times, such as when people leave work, around 5-6pm on weekdays (but keep in mind that your followers might be in different time zones). 12-3pm is also considered an optimum time to tweet. You can learn more about your audience through Twitter analytic sites/apps such as Tweepsmap.

Use hashtags

To make sure your tweets find film fans, you can use hashtags to categorize your content. #Filmmaking is one obvious one to use; #amwriting is also an active community of aspiring screenwriters. But you can also reach non-film communities with hashtags about the city you’re shooting in or the topic of your film, especially if it’s a subculture like #wrestling. Click around to see the activity with different hashtags! Don’t overload each tweet with a million hashtags, but it’s common to use a few.

Lessons and Tips

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