Best Super Bowl Commercials 2020

The 2020 Superbowl is almost here, airing Sunday, February 2 at 3:30pm ET on Fox. We’re excited for the game – but also for the commercials! With such a large audience, CNN reports that a 30-second Superbowl commercial cost about $5 million this year. Will the ads live up to their budgets?

Some of the 2020 Superbowl commercials (or short teasers) have already been released online. Take a look:

Verizon – 5G Built Right – Smoke

With a serious approach, Verizon’s new Superbowl commercial features a firefighter. 5G does not currently let firefighters see through smoke, but the company is touting its technology’s future potential.

Rocket Mortgage

Jason Momoa starred in an ad for Rocket Mortgage. In the commercial, the “Game of Thrones” star was shown letting his “guard down” in the comfort of his own home. The star shed layers of “muscles” and his long hair.

Planters – Road Trip – #RIPeanut

Planters went viral last week when it announced that its mascot, Mr. Peanut, had passed away at the age of 124. (#RIPeanut.) In the legume company’s Superbowl commercial, Mr. Peanut experiences his final moments alongside Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes. Killing off your mascot is an odd choice, but you have to admit that the ad is memorable!

Turbotax – All People are Tax People

Superbowl season is also tax season! Tax prep software maker Turbotax is trying to capitalize on that with their new commercial, which tries to make tax prep sound less intimidating. With a variety of actors in a variety of situations (even chainsaw sculpting!), this expensive-looking ad is just amusing enough.

Mountain Dew Zero Sugar

Does bright green soda make you think of The Shining? Only a short teaser for Mountain Dew Zero Sugar’s new Superbowl commercial has been released, but we’re surprised and intrigued. That said, do the people who drink Mountain Dew even know what The Shining is?

Avocados from Mexico – Tiara

Avocados from Mexico seem to be targeting women with their new Superbowl 2020 ad. In the teaser clip, a woman puts a tiara on an avocado in preparation for some big performance (or pageant?). It’s weird, but you don’t really need to convince us that avocados are delicious!

Budweiser – Typical American

Budweiser always makes memorable Superbowl commercials – remember the iconic frogs? This year, the beer company has put together a selection of “typical Americans” doing heroic, inspiring or helpful things set against an understated voiceover. The ad’s tone has a unique blend of serious and comic – do you think it works?

Hyundai – Dialect Coach

It’s always the right time to make fun of Boston accents, right? In Hyundai’s new dialect coach ad, SNL great Rachel Dratch teaches baseball player David Ortiz how to speak like he’s from Boston, supposedly “for a commercial.” Unlike the other Superbowl ads we’ve seen, this very simple spot has just two people in one location. The company only spent money on the talent! We’re not sure what any of this has to do with Hyundais, but we’re down to see more.

Dashlane – Password Paradise

Dashlane’s first Super Bowl ad gets mythic to evoke the nightmare that is trying to manage your passwords without a proper tool. The unmistakable message: Without Dashlane, you’re basically doomed to internet purgatory.

“Don’t get locked out of Password Paradise. Get Dashlane, and say goodbye to password pain forever.”

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