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Camera Trends 2019: What Filmmakers Are Doing

Have you been keeping up with what filmmakers are doing lately? When it comes to camera trends 2019, it’s not always just cameras that are changing – it’s all the accessories that work with your camera as part of your whole unit.

YouTuber Crimson Engine attended NAB 2019, the annual National Association of Broadcasters trade show/conference for media, entertainment and technology. On his channel, he reported on three major camera trends he observed there:

  • High-efficiency, advanced LEDs

We may be reaching the end of hot, clumsy lights. With advanced LEDs like the Intellytech Light Cannon Pro Daylight, you won’t need a delicate bulb. You also won’t have to wait a long time for the LED to be ready, and you can plug it straight into the wall without worrying about breaking a circuit.

  • Large-format cinematography sensors

You no longer need a giant camera to achieve large-format cinematography. With the Alexa mini LF sensor, for example, you can get an immersive, large-format look with a compact, lightweight camera.

Other features include lower noise with higher usable sensitivity, high dynamic range, AARI color science for natural skin tones, and easy color correction and clean VFX.

  • Camera integration

Camera manufacturers are starting to put more devices that filmmakers need in the cameras themselves so that you don’t need to plug in a million third-party devices. ARRI, the Mac Group and the Vitec group are starting to integrate brands for increased functionality.

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The rise of smartphone filmmaking

Of course, new top-of-the-line cameras and camera equipment might be out of many new filmmakers’ budget. But you probably have a smartphone, right? Many filmmakers are shooting shorts or entire films on smartphones, like Sean Baker famously did with indie hit Tangerine.

Filmmaker magazine sat down with Neill Barham, the CEO and founder of FiLMiC, the app filmmakers use along with smartphones to shoot movies. He talked about how camera trends 2019 are changing everything:

“We think that it’s the beginning of a new era,” he says. “I think the closest equivalent is the French New Wave and what happened with 16-millimeter film cameras. Faster, lighter, more portable, and then a lot of new invigorating ideas came into the cinema space.”

Barham also said that one of the biggest trends may surprise you: Android phones can stand up against iPhones. “Top-tier flagship devices on Android are getting very competitive,” he says. “So certainly the latest Galaxy S10 is incredibly impressive. The LG V30 is another super impressive phone which has its own version of log. The Huawei P30 is supposed to be an absolute killer device with a much greater zoom lens capability, which makes you think it potentially likely has a larger sensor.”

Have you tried shooting on a smartphone? What do you recommend? Let us know your thoughts on camera trends 2019 in the comments!

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