Want to Win Free B&H Gear? Here’s Your Chance

At FilmUp, we know what filmmakers dedicate to making their work, creating a portfolio for themselves, and getting the right people to see that portfolio. It’s why we’re launching the new FilmUp platform! A resource for filmmakers of all styles and budgets to connect with each other and find a solid crew in their area.
We surveyed the FilmUp community, asked them what they wanted to see in our platform, and then we built it. And to celebrate our filmmaking community WE’RE GIVING AWAY FREE GEAR!
In honor of FilmUp’s new platform and our partnership with B&H, we’re giving away a free Elvid StudioVision Dual 7″ Monitor Rackmount.
Signing up is easy, just follow these three steps:

Once you’ve followed these steps you’re automatically entered for your chance to win! Follow us on Instagram where we’ll release the winner on Tuesday, May 17th. Good luck!
Thanks to our friends at B&H for supporting filmmakers of every level on any budget.
Now that you’re a FilmUp member, here’s what you can do with your account
FilmUp is a place for directors, DPs, actors, photographers, composers, and anyone who works behind or in front of the camera. There are so many new and amazing features on the new FilmUp platform, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:
Brand new profile design

Easy-to-use job center

All-in-one portfolio builder

Free uploading and embedding for projects

New section for bio skills, and awards

Intrigued? Meet our members, learn more about filmmaking on our blog, and learn more about our platform here. FilmUp builds connections for filmmakers and talent in the new film industry  — become a part of it. Sign up for a free account or test out a free month of Premium.
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