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This week, join FilmUp in the quest for equal opportunity in the film industry with the launch of the FilmUp Society Hat. The sale of this hat goes to supporting FilmUp and our mission to drive equal opportunity in the film industry.
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Our mission of bringing true equality to our industry is long overdue. Do you remember the old saying, “you are what you eat?” Well, what if you didn’t always have control over what you ate? What could you become?
When it comes to digital media, we are what we watch. Seeking out views that match your perspective isn’t necessarily a bad thing; we need to hear opinions to shape our own, but we also need perspective.
Media has transformed not only how we entertain ourselves, but how we think, whether we want it to or not. Our media diet covers all of the major food groups, news, entertainment, drama, comedy, but it also has unintended side effects on our bodies in the form of bias and isolation.
Making great content takes a lot of work. It can be rewarding, it can be stressful, and it can change your life — just ask Mason Ramsey, the yodeling kid. The trouble is, content creators don’t always consider the effect of their content once it’s released.
The content we create individually has the potential to reach millions of people and collectively that number skyrockets. So what do we do with this power?
If we had to consider the thoughts and opinions of everyone our content could potentially reach we’d be left a blank screen — nothing. Instead of changing our content, creators must first change themselves. Not only in terms of the thought that goes into production but also the types of voices we support and include in that content.
Creating, promoting, and advocating for a diverse narrative in our content starts with all creators. Whether you’re a creator looking to bring an underrepresented point of view to the world, a creator working to include and consider more diversity in your own content, or you’re promoting the narratives you believe deserve more coverage in our society, you have a place in the solution.
The more we often we consider the implications of the content we watch, whether it’s the cast, the story, the stereotypes, or the message, the more we can expose one another to the similarities between us and accept one another.
When we work together to promote equality for people who work behind and in front of the camera, we’re actively choosing to open our minds to new perspectives, new messages, and a whole lot of new possibilities on the screen.
That’s what FilmUp Society is all about. Not settling for the content we’re given but reaching out to the world and bringing it together to create the best work possible. This not only means celebrating new voices but strengthening every voice we choose to listen to.


Hollywood Producer Peter Samuelson

To support our mission to bring inclusion in the film industry we’re selling a special run of FilmUp Society hats to raise money and awareness for the inclusion of all voices in the content we love to produce and consume.
Please visit and pre-order the FilmUp Society Hat! Thank you in advance for your contribution, for sharing this campaign with friends and family, and for joining us in our pursuit of achieving equal opportunity not only in the film industry but across the world. Let’s move up together. FilmUp!

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