Get Inspired by 5 Films Shot During Quarantine

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Photo by Kyle Loftus from Pexels

Do you have the itch to make a film? Covid-19 has put a wrench in a lot of our filmmaking plans, but you don’t have to wait for the pandemic to be over to shoot something! Filmmakers around the world are releasing films shot during quarantine.

Many filmmakers are even finding inspiration in the limitations of stay-at-home orders. How can you incorporate different kinds of lighting? How can you direct over the phone?

The following short films and music videos were shot during quarantine – take a look!

Jasmine Ash – “Same Sun” music video – Brandon Walter

“We couldn’t rent anything or hire any crew or interact with our subjects more than 6 feet (mostly more) away,” filmmaker Brandon Walter told No Film School. “So we had to get creative with the tools we had – a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, tripod, and some accessories. That was honestly about it.”

“There Can Be Only One”  – Mike Mendez

In this silly short, Mendez goes on a mission to figure out who’s been stealing his Oreos and ends up battling a Guillermo del Toro figure.

“For a while, I thought it would be funny, for my friends and myself, if there was an Instagram story that started off normally, but by the end, turned into a giant battle with explosions and guns and giant stakes,” Mendez told “That was just a fleeting thought, but leave it to a pandemic; suddenly, your time gets freed up.”

“Good Enough” – David F. Sandberg

David F Sandberg, known for Shazaam! and Anabelle: Creation, made this super cool short horror film. He also released a behind-the-scenes video on how to approach films shot during quarantine:

“Lockdown 28” – Vesyee余斯維

Lockdown 28 was shot by just Vesyee余斯維 and his brother. With cool coloring and inspiring visual effects, it tells the story of a young boy who’s been stuck home for two weeks because of the Malaysian government’s quarantine order.

“Catch” – Paul Cooke and Dominic Rees-Roberts

“Omeleto” was actually shot in 2016 – but it was filmed under the same kinds of restrictions that filmmakers face during today’s covid-19 pandemic. It follows a father and daughter who are quarantined at home in a “post-antibiotic” world.

Which of the five short films shot during quarantine is your favorite? Let us know the comments!

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