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Stock footage is an essential part of many films, commercials and social media content – and it’s easier than ever to find thanks to Right now, Filmup readers can get an extra two months of Artgrid membership. Find the best footage at Artgrid now! Stock Footage Memberships offers streamlined, high-quality footage licensing for filmmakers and video creators. With an active subscription, you’ll have full and unlimited access to the site’s entire catalog.

Subscriptions are unlimited, so you don’t have to do the math on pricing for every download. You also have the right to use the footage forever, even if you don’t end up renewing your membership. This way, you don’t have to worry about future additional fees or different license expiration dates.

Finding the best stock footage

Artgrid’s library includes a wide variety of footage divided in “stories.” Stories contain anywhere from 3
to 100 clips that are grouped around a common theme, a common location or narrative arc to make finding the perfect footage easier than ever. No more sorting through hundreds of files!

The stock footage at Artgrid is also divided into sections such as Youth Culture, Social Media, Powerful Women, Corporate World, Kitchen Symphonies and Cities. Or if you’re just looking for a certain color, you can sort by Red and Blue.

See some examples of how you can make your film look professional:

Stock footage can really expand the horizons of your film. If you’re trying to stay in a low budget, you might think that you can only shoot in one or two locations. But with stock footage, you can make the viewer think that you’ve shot in all kinds of places.

Artgrid offers three different subscription options: Junior (HD), Creator (4k-8k) and Professional (LOG/RAW + 4K-8K). All levels offer access to the company’s entire catalog.

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