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“Our Instagram account is a lot of what you see behind the camera,” explains FilmUp founder Christina Chironna. There, you’ll see gear setups and other elements of the filmmaking process.

But she and co-founder Aryeh Hoppenstein wanted to use the platform to connect with fellow artists on a more personal level – and thus the FilmUp Instagram account @filmupfounders was born!

“Like filmography, photography is a source of inspiration for us,” says Aryeh. “Creativity is not limited to one medium, and @filmupfounders champions that mentality. We often look at a photo and think about how it encapsulates our attention.”

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“With @filmupfounders , we wanted to show what is created on the other end of the process,” says Christina. “There are so many amazing photographers and graphic artists that we love and want to support both upcoming and established so we use @filmupfounders to do so.”

“The goal is to share photos that will resonate with our audience,” Aryeh continues. “Sometimes we look at process, quality and intent; of course, we always look at the end result. We try to be considerate of what creatives want to see, what will grab people’s attention and what will strike a chord. We want to share content that inspires people to take action and be creative.”

If you’re interested in getting your work featured on the FilmUp Instagram account @filmupfounders , just tag them in your post or send a direct message.

You don’t have to adhere to any specific theme. “There’s not really a recipe for how we choose photos,” says Christina. “We normally browse the most recent posts as well as photos people tag us in or DM us, and we see if anything pops out at us. For me personally, I love really clean and vibrant photography. @jordi.koalitic is one of my favorite creative photographers out there right now.”

If you’re not yet involved with Instagram, check out our blog post on how to get started with creating effective video content specifically for Instagram.

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