Unrivaled Women: Girl Power Film + Media Summit 2018

We still don’t know if the Spice Girls are actually going back on tour and we may no longer be in the ‘90s, but girl power still presents an unbridled, driving force in every industry. Naturally, the film industry is no different. In fact, media and film industries are quickly learning the power of embracing the brilliance of women. Even more inspiring is that women who are already a part of the industry are especially encouraging of their sisters just entering the field. These industry predecessors teach unrivaled ferocity in their dedication to the craft. Enter the Girl Power Film + Media Summit.
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How to attend Girl Power Film + Media Summit

In Brooklyn on March 24th, a collection of the most brilliant, badass women in film are uniting to celebrate and discuss both the current and future roles of women in the film industry. The Girl Power Film + Media Summit features talks and panels, mixers, workshops, screenings, lunch, and even vision board creation. Each scheduled event investigates, observes, and empowers women in film and media.
Among the bold women leading the conversation about women in media is FilmUp’s own dedicated COO, Christina Chironna. Besides contributing to the driving force known as FilmUp, Christina has also worked as a Producer for Scheme Engine, Jay-Z’s multimedia company. Christina’s work with Scheme Engine included producing Kygo’s documentary, Stole the Show, which earned a number one rank on iTunes.
Christina will serve as a panelist for “Startups Revolutionizing the Film Industry.” Along with co-panelist Lauren Magura (CEO of the Cinematcher App), Christina will discuss management of resource connections in the film industry, the path to an all-inclusive film and media industry, and how the field will change when more women are at the helm.
Presenters excitingly include women from every facet of the media industry, from cinematographers and filmmakers to image consultants and beyond. Ultimately, if you’re looking for your spirit guide to become a successful woman in media, Girl Power Film + Media Summit is an event you don’t want to miss.

Other presenters at the summit will include:

  • Hillary Cutter, Executive Producer for live theatre and broadcast media; founder of Cutter Productions, a production company that produces film and video projects in their entirety, including docuseries and web series.
  • Valentina Caniglia, AIC-IMAG0; renowned Cinematographer with credits and work in the Netflix series Gypsy; an HBO, Amazon Prime, Channel Plus, RAI, and Netflix Director of Photography; cinematographer for multiple Telly Award-winning commercials.
  • Danielle Earle, Writer’s Guild of America East member; known for her LGBT film Lover’s Game, which has been recognized in such publications as AfterEllen, Curve Magazine, and SheWired.
  • Assal Ghawami, recipient of the Tisch School of the Arts and Maurice Kanbar Fellowships; NYU Master of Fine Arts grad; filmmaker of multiple short films which have premiered at Cannes, Berlin, and SXSW; in-house brand manager and director for GUM Studios.
  • Christina Raia, writer and director; CongestedCat Productions founder, Seed&Spark’s Crowdfunding Director; director of web series, short series, and feature films; crowdfunding extraordinaire.
  • Antoinette Miller, media professional and image consultant; human resources, public relations, diversity and inclusion professional; fashion consultant; image coach to over 2000 in the field; enhancer of personal branding.
  • Lauren Magura, CEO of Cinematcher, now conventionally known as “the Tinder of film jobs”; former media operations and marketing in film at Universal Pictures and NBC Universal.

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Other panels and discussions at the Girl Power Film + Media Summit include topics such as women entrepreneurship, the experiences of women directors, landing the perfect job in the film industry, and a keynote speech on the revolutionary role of women in film. The Girl Power Film + Media Summit is also featuring a workshop on crowdfunding to serve as a source of independence from corporate funding and motivations.
If you’re looking to join the conversation on what women mean and represent in film and media, visit the summit’s website to register and make your voice heard!

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