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Godzilla vs. Kong: Is the Box Office Finally Back?

Godzilla vs Kong hit theaters this weekend, earning a record amount for a film released since the covid-19 pandemic began.

Does this mean that movie theaters are finally back?

The Warner Brothers action tentpole earned $32 million over the weekend and $48.5 million in its first five days of release. That’s significantly higher than Wonder Woman 1984, which had a 3-day total of $16.7 million, and Tom and Jerry, which earned $14 million on its opening weekend.

Godzilla vs. Kong had the advantage of appearing on 3,064 movie screens in North America, the highest of any pandemic-released movie. Notably, movie theaters in the Los Angeles and New York City markets are finally allowed to be open again, but reduced capacities mean reduced ticket sales. (And only 55% of the country’s total movie theaters are open.)

Now, in normal circumstances, we’d expect Godzilla Vs. Kong to make closer to $100 million for an opening weekend. But the film’s opening weekend box office numbers are still impressive, especially since Godzilla vs Kong was also available to stream on HBO Max for no additional fee.

By covid standards, the Godzilla vs Kong box office news is a win for movies in general. Plus, the film has earned $285 million globally. (Its production budget was $165 million.)

“The global reception to the theatrical release of this film is a positive sign for moviegoing as people continue to look towards entertainment in a post-pandemic world,” said Mary Parent, Legendary’s vice chairman of global production.

We’ll jump on the train of hope! With covid-19 vaccines opening up to Americans of all ages by May 1, movie ticket sales can only continue to increase.

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