How Films Can Change the World

With headlines like “Climate change will alter the future of our planet forever” and “Government Debt Crisis Looming” – the idea of going out into the world and making movies can weigh heavily on your conscious. Is there something better that you could do with your time?

Before you tear the back off of your Amazon shipping box and start drawing a burning earth, let me convince you to stay the course.

Creating a change

Filmmaking is, and always has been an amazingly powerful tool to change the world. The American government understood this power when they used the power of cinema after the end of World War 2 to shape the modern identity of the American Dream, and subsequently exported that culture around the world as cinemas began to pop up everywhere. This is quite literally what lead to the massive rise of Hollywood – it was and to some degree still is the mirror we check as a society to see how we reflect ourselves.

Now fast-forward and we have YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Tik-Tok all as outstanding forces in shaping the global consciousness, and on the backbone of all of those platforms lies the ability to transmit and consume video content. This is quite literally how trends are made and broken in society and thus is a massive agent for change.

Photo by Jakob Owens

Keep making films (even if it’s at home right now)

So in spite of the world-ending headlines we see all the time, I implore you to use your gift as a cinematic storyteller – no matter what the format to change the world in your own unique way. Make a film – either narrative or documentary that covers exactly what you believe and what change you would like to see in the world.

Because, I – like you – grew up glued to my TV, cinema and computer screens and relied on them for guidance (for better or worse) on how to be and act within this world. And for as long as we have this system for enacting social change – we should continue to use it to shape the global collective consciousness. One film at a time.

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