How Hollywood Stars are Giving Back During Covid-19


If there’s one bright spot during the Covid-19 crisis, it’s that so many people in the film and TV industries are giving back with charitable donations.

Food banks and organizations fighting hunger

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds announced that he and his wife, actress Blake Lively, donated $500,000 to both Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.

Eric Stonestreet has also donated food to people in need. The Modern Family star announced on Twitter that he sent 200,000 meals to the Harvesters Community Food Network in his hometown of Kansas City:

Angelina Jolie also joined the fight against hunger, donating $1 million to No Kid Hungry.

“As of this week, over a billion children are out of school worldwide because of closures linked to coronavirus. Many children depend on the care and nutrition they receive during school hours, including nearly 22 million children in America who rely on food support. No Kid Hungry is making resolute efforts to reach as many of those children as possible,” Angelina said in a statement.

Medical and scientific covid-19 research

Singer and actress Dolly Parton, meanwhile, has donated $1 million to coronavirus research.

“My longtime friend Dr. Naji Abumrad, who’s been involved in research at Vanderbilt for many years, informed me that they were making some exciting advancements towards research of the coronavirus for a cure,” she wrote on Instagram, where she has 3.2 million followers.

Artists in need

Rosie O’Donnell put together a streaming Broadway show that raised $600,000 for people in the performing arts and entertainment. Many actors and other arts professionals are struggling because productions have been shut down due to covid-19.

Kristin Chenoweth, Darren Criss and Gloria Estefan were all part of the show, which aired March 22 on and YouTube.

We’re so inspired by all of the Hollywood artists standing up and making covid-19 donations.

Have you donated to a worthy organization during this time? Let us know your chosen cause in the comments!


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