How to Survive Life in Production

Here are my top 5 tips for surviving life in production.

1. Don’t take things too personally.
If a conflict of argument breaks out on set, it’s natural. Its not desired or necessarily healthy – but it is natural. Be sure to resolve whatever stands in the way of carrying on with your day, and then leave it there. Whatever you do, don’t take any conflict home with you and let it ruin your life outside of film.

2. Get Sleep
Sleep makes all the difference in the world when you have to make complex creative decisions. You might just be starting out and decide to tax your sleep schedule to “burn the candle at both ends”. But know that it will catch up to you really really quickly. Don’t go out for beers with the team for hours after wrapping and only bag 3hrs in bed before shooting the next day… I’m speaking from years of experience on this one – save the beers for the weekend and the partying for the wrap party.

3. Show up early
I got myself into a habit of showing up on set an hour before call time, taking that hour after wrap that id use for beers – and putting it at the top of my day instead. This practice became meditative and almost cathartic. Showing up early gives you some peace and quiet with which to explore the set and set your mind for the day’s scenes. Film Sets are unique in that they are almost always beautiful, strange and imaginative places – some people would pay a lot of money to just hangout on one. Use that environment free of other demands and influences to explore your creative mind.

4. Feed Yourself
Make sure you are taking care of yourself, be your own best friend on set. Eat healthy and smart, take a moment to enjoy a nice coffee or the special sub of the week. Also made sure you are drinking enough water, hydration is so important and being dehydrated can make you feel lethargic and unmotivated.

5. Take time off between shoots
I know so many people that run themselves ragged from shoot to shoot to shoot (I was once one of these people as well). And you come out the other side physically and emotionally obliterated. Whilst it may seem in the moment like a career death-sentence. Taking a few days off and turning down that next gig might be the exact thing you need to keep your creative mind energized and happy.

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