Impact Spotlight: “When They See Us”

Five teens from Harlem become trapped in a nightmare when they‘re falsely accused of a brutal attack in Central Park. Based on the true story.

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Based on the themes of this film we’ve paired it with The Marshall Project or impact. If this story touched you in any way here are a few ways you can channel that energy into something good:


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Cast & Crew

Starring: Asante Black, Caleel Harris, Ethan Herisse
Director: Ava DuVerney
Writers: Ava DuVerney, Julian Breece, Robin Swicord, Attica Locke, Michael Starrbury
Producers: Ava DuVerney, Robert De Niro, Jonathan King
Cinematographer: Bradford Young
Music Composer: Kris Bowers
Editor: Spencer Averick, Terilyn Shropshire, Michelle Tesoro