Inside the Instagram: Filmmaker Marina Bruno

As part of our Inside the Instagram series, we’re happy to introduce you to Los Angeles-based filmmaker and film Vlogger, Marina Bruno. Marina is following in the footsteps of her father, Carlo Bruno, as a cinematographer, director, and writer — she does it all. Find her on Instagram, here.
Marina founded the production company Wondering pictures, which has its own dedicated Youtube channel. She also hosts a personal Vlog where she covers everything from filmmaking tips and tricks to detailing her latest equipment. We asked Marina about her experience making films, the challenges she faces being a one-woman crew, and her advice for new filmmakers. Marina shows us how a little self-confidence goes a long way.
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What is your passion? How long have you been pursing it?

My passion is for filmmaking and art! I’ve been pursuing it my entire life because my father is a filmmaker and he taught me everything I know.

What do you think separates a modern filmmaker from filmmakers of the past?

Modern filmmakers are evolving because of the tools and equipment we have access to. Easier access to modern cameras gives us way more creative freedom.

What’s your favorite piece of equipment?

My current fave piece of equipment is my new GH5!

Is there a part of your productions that you always want to do yourself?

Definitely. Camera work, writing, and editing are all things I like to do myself.
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How have you grown as you’ve continued to make films?

I’ve grown in that the more art I create, the more I discover about myself. I feel like I’ve become more open and less shy about using my true self and thoughts in my art.

What do you think is the key to convincing people to support an idea?

Show them the results!

What is a mistake you’ve made sure to learn from?

To not come up with excuses, only solutions.

What advice would you give to a filmmaker looking to discover their passion?

Get out there and do it and only surround yourself with people who support your dream.

Who is a filmmaker/creator that is inspiring you the most lately?

Quentin Tarantino & Casey Neistat.
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What’s your goal for 2018?

I want to create next-level shorts and start working on my second feature film.
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