Is the URSA Mini Pro 12K Right for You?

Blackmagic has released an exciting new camera: the URSA Mini Pro 12K.

The camera features a brand new symmetrical sensor with a native resolution of 12,288 x 6480 and incredible 80 megapixels per frame.

The URSA Mini Pro 12k will also enable you to get you better color and resolution at 8K than native 8K sensors, promising the “subtle skin tones and extraordinary details” of higher-end camera.

So 12k might seem crazy at first, when it feels like everyone is just now accustomed to 4k and 6k. But 12k isn’t really the goal; 8k is.

“We’re really trying to address highest-end workflows, and when we really looked at that, there’s a bunch of reasons as to why to go beyond 8K — to get good 8K essentially,” explained Blackmagic CEO and Founder Grant Petty in a livestream.

“The obvious one is that it allows you to reframe shots. If you’ve got more resolution, you can go a little bit wide and reframe without losing resolution.”

“Oversampling from 12K gives you the best 8K and 4K images with the subtle skin tones and extraordinary detail of high end still cameras,” says the Blackmagic website.

Here are more impressive specs from the Ursa Mini Pro 12k:

  • Shooting in 60 fps in 12K, 110 fps in 8K and up to 220 fps in 4K Super 16
  • An interchangeable PL mount
  • Built-in ND filters
  • Dual CFast and UHS‑II SD card recorders
  • A SuperSpeed USB‑C expansion port
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio

The URSA Mini Pro 12K retails for just under 10k.

Would you try the Ursa Mini Pro 12k from Blackmagic? Tell us why below!