Low Budget Camera Tricks with Household Objects

colored clothes pins

Want to show off some cool filmmaking techniques and camera tricks with household objects?

You might have everything you need right at home already! You won’t even need to buy anything new.

For example, you can use a mirror, a laundry basket and a broom to achieve cool, smooth and very fast camera movements. Check out Karen Cheng’s video of household camera tricks:

Toys can also be useful. Karen uses a slinky and a toy car for other cool effects. If you don’t have any toys, you might experiment with kitchen objects or even vegetables the same way.

More camera tricks with household objects

Hayden Petersen has more ideas of low budget camera tricks with household objects. Have you ever wanted to create a lens flare? It turns out that all you need is some fishing wire!

His version of Karen’s toy car is also achieved by sliding a kitchen towel along a countertop or using an office chair with wheels. Who needs a professional dolly?

Watch the full video for more ideas of what you can do with a Ziploc bag, Vaseline, matches and any reflective surface.

Action camera tricks you can try at home

For more fun action camera ideas, check out Jordi Koalitic’s fun home filming guide.

If you have a dryer with a clear door, you can shoot an amazing circular sequence.

If not, just find some books, a plastic water bottle or a garden planter for other cool shots!

Have you brainstormed more camera tricks with household objects? Let us know your tips over at the FilmUp Instagram page!

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