Nordic Film Guide Outlines Rules for Filming During Covid-19 Outbreak

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How will we resume film and TV production in a world devastated by coronavirus covid-19?

That’s the question on the minds of many film and TV professionals and fans. Luckily, a system called the Nordic Film Guide has been released in Sweden and Denmark. The document may serve as a model for productions around the globe.

Forbes reports that production company Hobby Film is behind the Nordic Film Guide. It outlines rules and restrictions for safe film and TV productions amid the covid-19 outbreak. Here are the guide’s major points:

  • Productions must operate with reduced skeleton crews to ensure social distancing procedures can be followed (in Sweden, crews would be limited to 50 people)
  • Departments must be able to work sequentially
  • On interior shots, everyone on set must have 4 square meters of space around them
  • No large crowd scenes will be allowed
  • Certain locations will be limited
  • Set entrances and exits will be timed and limited
  • Masks will be provided for everyone on set

The document notes that if crews follow these guidelines, productivity may be reduced by 10%. It sounds better than no productions at all, though!

Of course, any film or TV production would have to adhere to national, state and local guidelines put in place to stop the spread of covid-19.

The Nordic Film Guide points out that “the situation is not static,” so everyone will have to continually monitor the “curve” of the outbreak.

Meanwhile, many entertainment professionals are figuring out how to produce content while quarantined at home. Actor/director John Krasinksi has launched a YouTube series called Some Good News:

Hosts Samantha Bee and Trevor Noah have also produced new shows while stuck at home:

But we’re all itching for new scripted shows and films – here’s hoping we can follow the lead of the Nordic Film Guide to move forward when it’s safe to do so!

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