Rent Out an AMC Theater – For Just $99

empty theater

Would you go to the movies during covid-19? What if you could rent out an entire AMC theater?

That’s right – AMC has announced that you can rent out an AMC theater and have the big screen all to yourself.

Even better news: your private screening starts at just $99!

Suddenly, it’s reasonable to experience an empty theater solo, impress your date or throw a special screening for close friends and family members. If you rent out a private AMC theater, you can bring up to 20 guests.

Amid the covid-19 pandemic, the company has put in place strict safety procedures, guaranteeing that theaters will be “Safe and Clean.”

Right now, the types of films are limited, but classics such as Hocus Pocus and Jurassic Park are on AMC’s list! Theaters are available in a number of states, including California and New York.

AMC has been forced to make money in creative new ways since local regulations have limited theater capacity and studios began pushing release dates.

It’s an unfortunate cycle: studios won’t release movies until they’re sure audiences will come back, but audiences won’t come back until there are new movies to see (and they feel safe).

AMC announced that you could rent out an AMC theater after Alamo Drafthouse, a smaller chain of more upscale/cinephile theaters, did the same.

Alamo Drafthouse’s starting fee for renting out a theater is a bit higher: $150 (and then tickets and concessions are additional). But Alamo Drafthouse is offering a few more movies than AMC right now; Shaun of the Dead, Casablanca, Get Out and Kung Fu Panda are a few fun ones. If only the Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles was on the list of available theaters!

Would you rent out a theater during covid-19? Private Alamo or AMC?

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