Sundance 2021 Will Be Held in Multiple Cities – And Online

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We’ve already seen all the changes to 2020 film festivals – SXSW streaming online via Mailchimp and Cannes in-person screenings cancelled, for example – but Sundance 2021 is already announcing some big changes for next year, too.

New Sundance Film Festival director Tabitha Jackson has announced that the beloved film festival will take place in 20 different cities next year, with additional online screenings.

Sundance 2021 is “actively planning” for the scenario in which people are allowed to gather, but without a “widely available Covid-19 vaccine,” Jackson explained in a recent memo.

“With the knowledge that as of now socially distanced gatherings are permitted in Utah and other states, but travel is greatly reduced — and large events, shuttle buses, and crowded waitlist tents can not be supported which may limit the number of theaters we use during the festival in Utah,” she said.

Jackson further explained that Sundance 2021 “will take place live in Utah and in at least 20 independent and community cinemas across the U.S. and beyond.” We’re eagerly waiting to see what those 20 cities will be!

In addition, Sundance Film Festival programming will be available via an online portal that has yet to be revealed.

While the changes come in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, they will also be inherently more inclusive of film fans who can’t travel to Utah for the in-person festival for other reasons.

For more information, you can check out the Sundance 2021 plan memo here.

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