Sundance Institute to Give $1 Million to Independent Filmmakers

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We’re all concerned about how the covid-19 pandemic is impacting indie filmmaking – and the Sundance Institute has stepped up to help.

The nonprofit film organization has announced the creation of a fund of $1 million to aid artists in film, media and theater. The Sundance Institute explained its goals in a statement:

Three things are clear: First, it is essential that significant resources go directly to artists who are struggling financially, in order to support their basic needs and their work. Second, the need right now is greater than any one artist or group and disproportionately affects artists from historically underrepresented communities. Third, it’s clear that collaboration and collective impact will be needed to address the extent of the challenge.

This moment calls for a radical shift in strategy in the way we support independent artists in film, media, and theatre. We are launching a $1 million urgent fund to support the immediate needs of artists in our community, as well as other filmmakers in need and organizations that share our focus on inclusive storytelling.

-Sundance Institute

One third of the fund will help 100 “Sundance Institute-curated artists,” including those who are participating virtually in 2020 spring and summer Sundance Labs. These artists can use the funds for project development, living expenses and emergency costs.

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The remaining two thirds of the money will help the “wider community of independent artists.” Sundance has teamed up with other arts organizations to launch Artist Relief, a need-based fund that will provide financial support of up to $5,000 per artist. Artist Relief has also pledged to give emergency aid to artists living in historically underrepresented communities. 

If you’d like to apply for the Sundance Institute covid-19 relief program, you can read more about the application requirements and apply for Artist Relief funds.

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