The Best Premiere Pro Editing Hacks

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Want to speed up your editing process? Get that film DONE with the best Premiere Pro editing hacks!

You can easily speed up your workflow – and make your film look professional – with these tips and tricks.

Dolly Zoom in Premiere Pro

Want to create a dolly zoom?

This classic camera trick slides the camera forward or backward while zooming the lens out AND keeping the same frame size. If you want to create this effect when you’re on a drone or when you didn’t zoom, you can do so in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Simply animate the scale property and make sure the framing on the end of the clip is the same as in the beginning.

Make Someone Disappear

Do you need to make your actor disappear – without magic?

It’s simpler than you think.

Simply film one shot with the actor, then the same shot of the background without the actor in it.

In Premiere Pro, put the empty shot in Channel #1, then put the shot of the actor in Channel #2. Then create a cut at the exact moment you want – the actor snapping their fingers, for example.

You can watch a breakdown of both these Premiere Pro editing hacks here:

Create a Text Title Card

To make your film look professional, you can add the perfect text titles.

At the bottom left of your Premiere Pro screen:

  • Click New – Color Matte
  • Click OK
  • Choose the color you’d like for the background
  • Name it whatever you like
  • Drag it out onto your timeline above your video and stretch it out
  • Click the Text Tool
  • Type in the Text you want
  • Click on the menu Window – Essential Graphics
  • Choose Edit
  • Change the Fill to your desired text color
  • Change the Font and style (Bold, Italics, etc) to your desired text font
  • Use align tools for justification
  • You have a title card!

Set a Default Transition

Want all your transitions from scene to scene to look consistent? Or if you want to simply save yourself time because you know you’ll use one transition the most, it’s easy to do.

This premiere pro editing hack is called setting a default transition.

  • Hit Command or Ctrl-D
  • Go into your Effects – Video Transitions menu in the lower left
  • Right Click and Select “Set as Default Transition”

The blue square below the transition indicates that it’s set as default.

Using an Adjustment Layer for a Cinematic Look

Want to achieve an artistic, cinematic look for your film or internet content?

You don’t have to manually change the color or saturation of every individual shot.

Instead, use an adjustment layer that will apply your desired changes to multiple shots at once!

  • In your project bin on the lower left, navigate to New – Adjustment Layer
  • Drag it out above the clips you’d like to change
  • Make your desired changes under Effects or Video Effects
  • See how it changes all the clips!
  • (You can look at the original layer by just shutting the layer off)

For more details on all three of these hacks (and others), check out the tutorial:

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