The TikTok Creators You Need to Know

A favorite of Gen Z, the two year-old video sharing app TikTok has amassed over 800 million users worldwide. Its bite-sized films (TikTok only allows clips under 60 seconds) often focus on music, dance, pranks and influencer life, but they also show off creative and innovative directing and editing skills. Here are some TikTok creators you should know:

Jordi Koalitic


Light painting ( the sky ) 💫 1 or 2 ? 👆🏼 ##longexposure ##photographer ##photoshoot ##photomagic ##jordikoalitic

♬ TKN – ROSALÍA & Travis Scott

A self-described “creative photographer,” Jordi Koalitic has an impressive 14.6 million TikTok followers. He shares innovative films as well as behind-the-scenes clips about how he creates his content. He also has a YouTube channel.

Sally Darr Griffin


Reply to @eeekrgr

♬ Mr. Brightside – The Killers

Comedy director Sally Darr Griffin combines creative camera angles, story choices music to create impressive TikToks. But she also embraces simplicity and is a good model for anyone looking to make videos at home without fancy equipment.

Zach King


Who likes Orange Juice? 🍊 ##lifehack ##magic ##springdiy

♬ original sound – zachking

Want some inspiration for cool visual effects? Check out Zach King, who posts TikToks of magic tricks using Final Cut editing skills as well as practical effects. He also shares his methods with behind-the-scenes videos, including on his YouTube channel.



fluent in sarcasm

♬ original sound – drive45music

With a bio that reads just “fluent in sarcasm,” drive45music uses TikTok to demonstrate innovative editing skills. Unexpected changes and style and tone will keep you watching his videos!




♬ original sound – lastmanstanley

One minute may seem like an impossibly short time in which to tell a complete story, but one of our favorite TikTok creators, lastmanstanley, makes it look easy. See how many shots and moments he can include in his TikToks without making teh story seem frenetic or confusing!

Madelaine Turner


i tried to see if I could make this only using things I could find in my apartment. hope you like ! 😂 ##fyp ##foryou ##wesanderson ##film

♬ original sound – in_too_deepmp3

26 year-old Madelaine Turner wanted to see if she could recreate an entire Wes Anderson movie on TikTok – and she succeeded! She told Vox that she’s a self-taught creator and used only things she could find in her apartment. Maybe you can follow her lead with your own TikToks!

Who are your favorite TikTok creators? Let us know in the comments!

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