These Three Cameras Shot the Most Oscar Nominated Films

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What are the best cameras for filming? The options can see overwhelming for new filmmakers. But the cameras used by 2020 Oscar nominees and winners can give you a good place to start!

Best Cameras for Filming

YMCinema broke down all the cameras used by 2020 Oscar-nominated films. Here are the top three, which tied for three films each:

Alexa Mini

The Arri Alexa Mini was used to film The Irishman (directed by Martin Scorcese), Joker (directed by Todd Phillips) and Jojo Rabbit (directed by Taika Waititi). The Alexa Mini is compact and lightweight; it is designed for filmmakers who don’t want to have to switch to a third-party camera or different system for a specialized shot.

The Alexa mini can be operated by wireless remote control, as an A-camera with the Arri MVF-1 multi viewfinder attached, or with an on-board monitor. You can hold it comfortably at arm’s length.

Arricam ST: 3

The Arricam ST: 3 (aka Studio 3) is also one of the best cameras for filming. Used to film The Irishman, Marriage Story (directed by Noah Baumabch) and Little Women (directed by Greta Gerwig), this is a full-capability camera with two camera magazine mounting configurations. It is noted for its low sound level, optimum image steadiness and adjustable mirror shutter.

It has most important features built into it. You can also add advanced features to the Arricam ST with integrated expansion modules, such as the Lens Data System, Speed Control Box and In-camera Slate System.

Arricam LT: 3

The final camera used to film three 2020 Academy Award nominated films is the Arricam LT: 3. This is the lite version of the Arricam ST discussed above and is ideal for lightweight, handheld shooting and steadicam application. It was also used in the filming of The Irishman, Marriage Story and Little Women.

With the Arricam LT: 3, you can only mount the magazine in the rear. But it provides optimum comfort while still maintaining the system’s reliability and precision.

Other Cameras

Here are the other cameras used in the filming of Oscar-nominated films:

  • Alexa 65
  • Alexa LF
  • Arriflex 435
  • Panavision Panaflex
  • Alexa SXT
  • RED Helium
  • Alexa Mini LF
  • Aaton A-Minima

Which models do you think are the best cameras for filming? Let us know in the comments!

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