Top 5 Tools That Will Change Your Life On Set

Every department has their own favorite tools and gadgets they get to wield to make like easier. Some things, however, are universal in their scope in improving your time spent on set – and anyone from the daily PA to the cinematographer should carry these in their on-set kit:

  • Leatherman Multitool
    This is the quintessential tool for any situation on a film set. They are reliable and I never leave home without mine.
  • Gloves
    Having a good pair of gloves can really come in hand in unexpected ways. Film environments can be unpredictable and thus you should come prepared to protect yourself in any situation.
  • Headlamp
    No matter what you are doing – you will need to see. And given that you likely at one point will be working at least one hour of the day when the sun isn’t a good headlamp is a big help on set. Don’t settle for the “my phone has a light” mentality. There aren’t a lot of situations where I would remove my hand to save my eyes if I could just stick something on my forehead instead.
  • Lighter
    Not just because the producer smokes – carrying a lighter on set can really come in handy. There are a surprising amount of problems that can be fixed with just a little heat.
  • Painkillers
    Honestly, working when you are in pain might be the worst feeling ever. And there are no sick-days in our industry so you have to tough it out. Bring some painkillers with you and save yourself as well as being that amazing savior to someone else.

These are 5 super simple things that you should keep close to set at all times. Your life will become a lot simpler, and problems more manageable with these 5 tools.

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