Wallace PROduction Promises Amazing VFX on a Budget

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Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels

High-quality visual effects (VFX) make films look professional – but they’re also incredibly expensive. We’re talking tens of millions!

But what if you could add amazing VFX to your films for cheap?

Enter Wallace and Wallace PROduction, a new artificial intelligence tool from Tye Sheridan, an actor known for X-Men and Ready Player One.

Sheridan and his partner Nikola Todorovic, a VFX artist, have been experimenting with AI and interactive video learning as part of their company, Wonder Dynamics.

Their latest brainchild is Wallace (a play on the phrase “wall-less,” aka breaking the fourth wall), a a new kind of technology that lets viewers participate in AI-powered conversations with characters in a film or TV show.

Wallace PROduction

But we’re guessing you’ll be even more excited about Wallace PROduction, a program that reduce the costs and speed up the process of creating realistic visual effects.

“Until now, VFX and CGI heavy films have been reserved for a select few due to the high cost of VFX production,” says the startup’s website. “To change that, we are developing an AI driven production platform that will enable the creation of big studio content on an indie budget.”

“It breaks down the barriers to achieving your wildest vision. A lot of times people dream up this story but it’s not possible to make because it would cost $200 million. AI can democratize VFX.”

-Tye Sheridan via Variety

Sheridan is only 24 – but he’s got the support of some pretty renowned film industry pros, such as Steven Spielberg. Wallace PROduction also has the backing of prominent tech industry gurus and venture capital investors.

Wonder Dynamics will begin demos on Wallace PROduction this year. Visit their website to add your name and email to their mailing list.

“We’ll be looking for content creators and production companies to partner with,” says Todorovic.

We’re excited to see what they discover!

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