Warner Brothers, MACRO and Black List Launch Screenwriting Incubator

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Warner Brothers, MACRO and The Black List have just announced some exciting news: one screenwriter of color will receive $10,000 to develop a movie idea.

How to enter the screenwriting incubator

Now through August 1, you can upload your idea to the Black List screenplay hosting site and opt in to be considered for the feature screenplay contest.

“I truly respect and admire [MACRO founder] Charles King and [Black List founder] Franklin Leonard and the work they do. I’m excited to partner with MACRO and the Black List to give fresh and talented voices the opportunity to tell their stories at Warner Bros.”

-Niija Kuykendall, Executive VP of Film Production at Warner Bros. Pictures

MACRO, the production company behind Oscar-nominated Judas and the Black Messiah, has a first-look feature deal with Warner Brothers.

“Providing access and opportunity for new voices is part of the foundation on which I launched MACRO I’m thrilled to be able to do that with Franklin Leonard and the Black List again and our new partners, Niija Kuykendall and Warner Bros., to open doors for more undiscovered and incredibly talented storytellers.”

-Charles King, found of MACRO

Free screenwriting contests

Are there any free screenwriting contests?

Usually, it costs $30 a month to host your script on The Black List. But if you can’t afford this and still want to apply for the MACRO/Black List/WB incubator, MACRO will provide one month of hosting and one free evaluation (a $75 value) for 500 writers who apply for a fee waiver on the the MACRO website by April 19.

The internet is full of screenwriting contests, and many offer little to winners besides publishing their names on a website. So it’s exciting to see an incubator that pays legitimate money and connects writers with companies like MACRO and Warner Brothers. Competition will be fierce, but the reward is great!

The goal of the screenwriting incubator is to amplify diverse voices that might not otherwise be heard in Hollywood. “We’re incredibly excited about the many writers we’ll discover through the process, and the movie we’ll get to develop with one of them,” said Black List found Franklin Leonard.

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