What is HBO Max?

Do you need another streaming service? Insane as it sounds, there’s a brand new one to consider: HBO Max. But it’s not HBO. Well, mostly.

Let us explain!

Launching on May 27th, HBO Max is not the same as premium channel HBO or its streaming app HBO Go. It’s a new venture from Warner Media.

HBO Max will offer HBO’s entire catalog as well as other content from Warner Media. Although the service is joining the marketplace at a crowded time (Quibi recently launched and was mostly a bust), it has paid handsomely for content it knows we all crave. HBO Max will offer the entire catalogs of Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The West Wing and South Park, for example.

HBO Max is also launching brand new shows, of course. Here are some of the offerings we’re the most excited about:

  • Gossip Girl reboot – A re-imagining of the classic teen soap with more queer content, non-white leads and Kristen Bell back as the narrator
  • Love Life – a romantic comedy anthology series starring Anna Kendrick
  • DC Super Hero High – a half-hour comedy from Elizabeth Banks that follows a group of students at a boarding school for gifted kids
  • On the Record – a documentary about the sexual assault accusations against music producer Russell Simmons
  • Americanah – an adaptation of the award-winning book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Rap Sh** – a half-hour show by Issa Rae that follows an aspiring female rap group in Miami
  • Untitled Cooking Project – a food show hosted by Selena Gomez, featuring a different master chef each episode, joining remotely from quarantine
  • College Girls – a half-hour comedy by Mindy Kaling about three freshman roommates at an elite college in New England

The streaming service was also planning a Friends reunion, but the special is on hold because of the covid-19 pandemic.

HBO Max will cost $14.99 per month, but existing HBO, AT&T and DirectTV subscribers may be able to get it for free (or be eligible for a trial), depending on which services they subscribe to.

Will you be watching HBO Max? Let us know in the comments!

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